AvocadoCoin will reshape the avocado industry paradigm: Luis Doporto Alejandre.


Avocados and cryptocurrencies developed an enviable business strength and upward projections.

However, in 2022, according to Luis Doporto Alejandre, a specialist in the avocado industry, they faced challenges that put them to the test.

The question arises as to why talk about both elements if, at first glance, they have little in common. The answer lies in AvocadoCoin (AVDO), the first cryptocurrency backed by the production of Mexican avocados.

“It seems a bit irrational that an industry worth seven billion dollars in production alone lacks technological and financing support to improve conditions in the orchards. AvocadoCoin could be a win-win for producers, consumers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts,” said the entrepreneur.

Even when avocados could become the most traded tropical fruit in the world by 2030, in the Mexican state of Michoacán, the leader in the production of avocados consumed in the United States, only 5% of farmers have access to technological and industrial resources for their orchards.

In this regard, Luis Doporto Alejandre notes that AvocadoCoin will contribute to the industry through intelligent agriculture technologies, automation in production cycles, traceability, the Internet of Things (IoT), and AgTech solutions. Furthermore, it will allow solving a pending commitment: sustainability.

“The demand for avocados is increasing due to the health benefits of the fruit. Through blockchain, consumers could understand and trace the origin of their food. In addition, farmers and producers have access to information on optimizing the use of natural resources in their crops.”

After three years in development, AVDO has increased its value by 60% since its launch and reached more than 100,000 small investors. The asset is listed on several international platforms, such as IndoEx, Dex-Trade, and AlterDice, and is expected to be limited to 21 million coins.